Getting Into The Swing of Things

Hello Everyone!

Today was my first day in the FWISD offices and I must say…I am loving this rotation already!! The dietitians are beyond amazing and make it a really great experience. I helped input data for students with allergies, created a meal calendar, and updated a meal chart in Excel. I have to be honest…Excel is not my specialty, but Google was super helpful ūüėČ

For lunch, we went to one of the high schools in the district and got a chance to see what goes on behind the scenes. I brought my own lunch because I saw what they served at my schools, but y’all…the food was on point — by the looks at least! They had so many options for the students, including freshly cut red and yellow bell peppers, raw broccoli, hummus cups, cold plates with fresh grapes, cheese, and chicken. ¬†Definitely not your typical school lunch.

There are so many exciting opportunities and projects we will get to be a part of during our rotation, including National School Lunch Week with college-themed meals (Go Frogs!), attending the food show in Waxahachie, taking over social media, creating educational posters, and so much more!!  I love all of the creativity and learning we will be doing!

I was at the office from 9-5ish, but the day flew by! Tomorrow we are going to one of the schools to help with prepping the salad bar…salad bar people. Did your schools have that?! ¬†I am pretty pumped.

I came home and was starving, so I made this wonderful concoction that I had prepared last night (with the exception of the eggs). ¬†In the mix went Trader Joe’s kohlrabi, purple cabbage, beet mix + EVOO + ACV + honey + black pepper + Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel seasoning + 2 eggs.

I am off to go babysit, but hope y’all have a wonderful night! See you tomorrow for my first ever Friday Favorites!!!

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