Weekend Things

Weekend Things

Happy Monday!

I hope y’all had a wonderful and relaxing weekend! On Friday, I went in early to my internship, so had an earlier start to the weekend (which was much needed).  Before heading home, I had to pick up a few groceries, so stopped by Sam’s, Central Market, and Kroger…Yes, I’m an equal opportunity grocery shopper ;).  It is crazy how groceries vary in quality from store to store.  Stopping at only 3 is actually an improvement for me!

After grabbing groceries, I headed home to prep dinner and make some of my absolute FAVORITE breakfast bars from the amazing Laura Lea at LLBalanced.  I picked up her cookbook not too long ago and cannot wait to start baking/cooking my way through it.  That girl creates some pretty incredible recipes.  Also, my parfait game was strong this past week 🙂  Super simple, but oh so delicious!

Parfait All Day

Recycled photo, but you guys! These bars are AMAZING! I ran out of peanut butter, so used almond butter instead 🙂


Saturday morning started out a wee bit stressful.  Long story short, my car got backed into in the parking lot, but everything was resolved fairly quickly.  God was definitely looking out for me, because we were able to resolve the incident without getting police and insurance involved.  My car has seen a lot over the years, so the indentation from the truck’s trailer hitch just added to the “character” of my little Honda Civic.  With that minor setback aside, I met up with my friend, Caitlin for lunch and shopping at the newly opened Shops at Clearfork.  It was their opening weekend, so we wanted to check it out.  It is going to be such a nice little shopping area when it is all complete!  Some of the stores are a wee bit out of my budget (I’m looking at you Neiman’s), but a girl can dream, right?

I’ll take one of each, please.

Oh, and can we please take a moment to appreciate this marvelous view I came across in Neiman’s?  It is NEVER too early to celebrate Christmas 🙂

Christmas is almost here!


I was super lazy Sunday morning and didn’t make it to church.  I have no excuse other than pure laziness.  That said, I was super productive for a large chunk of the day when it came to completing homework assignments.  The only problem is I was working on assignments due in a couple of weeks rather than the ones due this week.  To be fair, the assignment required a lot of work, so I think I will be grateful I got a large chunk done, and I think this week’s assignments won’t be too bad.  When 4:30 rolled around, I hopped in the shower and got ready for community group.  Yes, I was in my jammies until close to 5. #noshame #adultinghard,

Have a productive Monday, friends!

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