FNCE Recap Part III

FNCE Recap Part III

Happy Monday!

Today I am recapping my the latter half of my time at FNCE (AKA an RD2be’s dream).


I was fortunate enough to be selected as a Student Host at FNCE, so was up bright and early to grab breakfast and have a leisurely morning before my 9am shift began.

See those adorable shoes up there? They scored a 10 on the cute scale, but about a 4 on the FNCE-approved scale.  Fortunately, I was seated for a majority of my shift 😉

After helping check in everyone for the Foundation Gala and answering questions (or finding people to answer questions), I took a “lunch” break (AKA walked around the expo and ate all the samples 😋

From top left: sweet potato crackers, apple cinnamon stars, hummus & veggies, Siggi’s & Purely Elizabeth, Banza pesto pasta, lentil Greek salad.

I finished my shift around 4:45pm and headed back to my hotel room…after a brief photo op 😉

Once back in my room, I ordered in dinner from LYFE Kitchen because this girl was EXHAUSTED!

Thai Red Curry Bowl w/Tofu + Side Salad

After getting my dinner delivery, I washed my face, threw on some jammies, and cuddled up in bed for dinner and television.  Got to love that hotel life :). I also indulged in some unpictured dark chocolates cranberries and popcorn.


This morning I had my alarm set for an early date with the gym before breakfast, but ended up sleeping through it. I am learning to listen to my body and not feel guilty about missing a workout or two!

Once up for the day, I made a breakfast out of my homemade pumpkin chia oatmeal bites with a pack of Peanut Butter Co PB and a generous sprinkle of chia seeds. I wasn’t wanting to pay $2 for a banana again, so I figured I would get my serving of fruit in at the expo—which I definitely did!

Recycled image from previous day’s breakfast

Since I overslept, I missed the opening of a session a was eager to attend, but fortunately, the doors were still open when so arrived, so I was able to sneak right in! Of course, my next door neighbor was a recycling bin but hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

I was a total fan-girl and got my picture with the speakers, one of which was THE Joy Bauer!


Stop. It. Is this real life right now?!

After networking and photos, I headed back up to the expo for one last round before leaving for the airport.  I was so sad to leave Chicago, but am already counting down the days until FNCE 2018 in Washington D.C.!

Have a great Monday!


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