All Things Christmas

All Things Christmas

Hello Friends!

Can you believe that Christmas is 17 days away?! Oh my goodness. I am so very excited and want to get in all of the Christmas things! I have my tree up, but it is currently looking very sad because it has all of 7 ornaments on it! #firsttreeproblems. Haha.

On Tuesday I attended a Christmas concert at my church which was pretty much AMAZING. Y’all. Shane and Shane and Phil Wickham put on an incredible show! It was such a great time celebrating the birth of the ONE TRUE KING.

Tonight I will be going to my first “official” Christmas party of the year, complete with Hallmark movies and great company! The next few weekends will be busy with all things Christmas…and I am not mad about it. At. All.

Can we also please discuss how cute my roomie’s pup is?! Even with the cone of shame, he is absolutely ADORABLE! Oh my gosh. I just cannot stand it!

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