Hey Y’all, it’s paRD Thyme!

I cannot believe I am finally taking the plunge and starting my very own healthy living blog!  For so long I have contemplated joining the blogging world, but always seemed to talk myself out of it with the “what ifs.”  What if I don’t gain any followers?  What if I receive negative comments?  What if my blog isn’t on par with others?  The truth is, I may not receive any readers aside from close friends and family.  I will most likely encounter negative comments.  And I can guarantee my blog will not be perfect.  If there is one thing I’ve learned during my 26 years of life, it is that…As I begin my journey towards becoming a REGISTERED DIETITIAN, I thought now would be the perfect time to start chronicling my life and love of nutrition.

Thank you for joining me on my journey towards becoming a registered dietitian!

Why Start A Blog Now?

If there is one thing I’ve learned during my 25 years of life, it is that I cannot let the fear of the unknown stop me from doing what I am passionate about. As I continue my journey towards becoming a REGISTERED DIETITIAN, I thought what better time to start than now? I am getting ready to begin my DIETETIC INTERNSHIP with ACU and am excited to chronicle my experiences while providing tantalizing recipes, sprinkles of fashion, and foodie favorites!

How Did You Decide On A Name?

I’m going to be honest with you — deciding on a name was not an easy feat. Ever since the idea of blogging popped into my head a couple of years ago, I would periodically find myself brainstorming potential names for if I mustered up the courage to start a blog! After bouncing ideas off with my family, the words party time popped into my head. From there, I envisioned paRD Time, which eventually morphed into paRD Thyme. From the get-go, I knew I wanted a name that depicted what my blog was about and I think paRD Thyme does just that!



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